About the Book

Parliamentary Pizza by Bruce Bishop

Wonderful book
This book is a result of 30 years of professional experience trying to simply explain parliamentary procedure to hundreds of different people. From the guy on the airplane next to me who asks, “What do you do?” to the neighbor who says “What’s that?” when I tell them what I do; I have tried to develop an easy answer to “what is parliamentary procedure.” Many people, once I finish explaining, will say “Oh, I learned that in high school -- I know that….!” (At least they think they do ….)

Most people know some parliamentary procedure – make a motion, second, debate, vote….and that might be enough for most of the time. The problem occurs when there is a problem and there is a difference of opinion as to what to do next. Books, such as Robert’s Rules of Order, are just too difficult and complex to be useful.

I have presented an unknown number of workshops on parliamentary law and procedure to thousands of people and I can’t count the number of times I have been asked “Is there an easy to understand book about parliamentary procedure?” The problem is that the easy books don’t provide enough information to be useful.

There simply isn’t a good, easy, simple to understand introduction to parliamentary procedure book that is sufficiently informative for most people … until now.

I want you to know that parliamentary procedure is not just about rules -- it is so much more, and so much more interesting. And it can be fun – just like hanging out with a group of friends, playing video games, and ordering a pizza…